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Luda's History (1900's)

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1999 Mar Luda New Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Fittings factory is established.
1997 Dec Luda had cooperation with Bao Steel Corporation to export China Steel Products to 6 continents, North America, South America, Europe, Africa & Asia.
1996 Apr Luda Taiwan representative office is established.
1995 Jul Luda have established New Carbon Steel Flanges Factory.
1994 Jun Luda is one of the biggest exporter to export Flanges & Fittings to Europe in China.
1993 May Luda received OEM European Fittings Manufacturer Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Butt-welded Fittings orders to export to Europe.
1992 Aug Luda is the first China's factory to export China pipe, flanges,& valves to Taiwan.
1992 Jun Luda have established Malleable Fittings Factory.
1991 Apr The first China Stainless Steel Flanges Factory is established by Luda.
1983 Nov Luda have developed many product lines & services in Garment & Texitiles, heavy industrial products, gifts & premiums, electronic products, mobile parts, electrical appliance and China martket investment consultant business.
1979 Mar Luda Jinyuan Trading Co. Ltd. is established, trading Chinese products to overseas, including Chinese Medicines & Medical tools.
1979   Luda has started to sell pipe, fittings, flanges, valves & other steel products in Luda brand.
1969   Luda founder got a license of Ship Chief Engineering, professionalised in ship and shipyard mantenance and repairing.
1950   With capital of US$15000 and 5 staff members, Luda founder established a factory in Taiwan, specializing in food product & Trading business between Taiwan & Hong Kong.
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