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Investor Relations

Luda's future:
Luda plans to launch in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) in 2020. We have manufacturing basis in China, South Africa. We keep buying new factories in China to increase our production capacity. We have daughter companies all over the world and the number is increasing every year. We have E-commerce B-2-B & B-2-C. We have trading of China products with agency agreement with many factories in China . We have retail shops in different countries & the retail shops are increasing every year. We have consultant business in trading foreign countries products to China and China products to worldwide. We are expert in international trading. Our team is young, energetic, dynamic & ambitious. We aim to maximize our shareholders interest with long term vision.

We have people born in China, Grown up in Hong Kong, studied abroad. We are pioneer company in China with great experience in variety of China products. We are welcome factories who looking for diversifying their markets, investing in their factories, new idea and new supply chain management, new quality control system, professional inspection team. We also provide China market information, market research services, and business matching with customers all over the world. We aim to provide precise, specific, right customers in specific field of business.

Canada & US:
We have experienced team of local people to always look for new opportunities in the markets, no matter new products development in different countries sources, the procurement of outside world products and new investment targets. Quality analysis and insights is our focus.

Northern Europe:
Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland : the markets are remote but big potential. With our local team, you can have full backup and market information. Why not develop the these lands as your domestic market?

Russia is very challenging market in language communication, way of doing business, many languages, huge areas, from west to east, from north to south, from the coldest place to the boarder of Eastern Europe & Mongolia. Luda local people can give you native assistance and comprehensive market information. We show you real Russia.

Eastern Europe:
Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria. It is hard to find market information and the knowledge of the ways for doing business. It is also hard to search good quality china products. You can kick off your business with our local people there.

East Africa:
We have native in Niger, Mali, Cote Divoire, Gambia, Guinea, Chad, Mauritania, Gabon, Nigeria, Congo, Ghana, Togo, Cameron. We bring goods from China to here and goods from here to the world.

South Africa:
We are expertise of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Angola. We know their culture, their languages, their style of business. Come to join our team to explore the land.

West Africa:
We are expertise of West Africa. We know their culture, their languages, their style of business. Come to join our team to explore the land.

North Africa:
Luda has great connection in Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. Great connection brings great potential to your business.

South America:
It is like moon to Asian and China is moon to Latin American. We have space ship transporting market info daily with our local tour guides. We have built a solid bridge between China & Latin Americans.

If you would like to submit an investment proposal for our review, please send the following information to

1. Market plan/research/analysis needs;
2. Product/service/business in detail;
3. Company brochures, if available;
4. Important information if regarding as.
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